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Mattiman's Music Page

Rock and Metal only, because they are GOOD!

I only like good music. Many people will debate whether my taste in music is good or not, but I think so. My favorite bands are: The WiLDHEARTS, Terrorvision, The Presidents of the United States of America, Nailbomb, the Prodigy and 3 Colours Red. But, I like many other class bands. I don't have room for them all. I have just discovered a band called The Anal Kitties. The are Industrial Metal, extremely heavy, and my local Virgin Megastore doesn't stock their album. Boo.


Cool rock band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the UK. They are

  • Vocals and Guitar : Ginger
  • Guitar : Jef Streatfield
  • Bass : Danny McCormack
  • Drums : Ritch Batersley,

    and are extremely good. One of the few metal bands to make it onto Top of the Pops, they played Anthem (laatest single) to a storming reception. A new album is due "autumn", but untill then I suggest you buy Fishing for Luckies, or Earth vs. the Wildhearts. Both are classics. DO NOT buy the greatest hits. It is a rip off, and the band themselves denounced it as crap. For more info go to Scuzz's Ginger Nuts


    The above picture generally sums up the whole point of the band: fun. Formed in 1991, they have released 3 albums. Their latest, Regular Urban Survivors, is the most poppy, and has generated 4 hit singles: Persaverence, Celebrity Hit List, Bad Actress, and Easy. The other albums are Formaldehyde and How to Make Friends and Influence People. HTMFAIP contains the ultimate good-time Terrorvision song Oblivion, which has to be experienced to be believed. Buy a copy today! More info and stuff go to Oblivion

    The Presidents Of The United States Of America

    The ultimate in pointless-but-happy music, their first self titled album is an essential purchase for everyone in the whole world. It has all the classics: Peaches, Lump, Dune Buggy, and the rest. The second album is still godd, but not as good. It is worth a look if you liked the first. More info is available at Froggie's Place


    Nailbomb was formed when Max Cavalera (of Sepultura) and Alex Newport (of Fudge Tunnel) got bored and decided to get together and play some tunes. The rest of Sepultura was going back to Brazil, and Max was staying in Phoenix to await the birth of his son, Zyon. So the two, originally titled Hate Project started to fool around, and soon their demo tape reached Monte Conner at Roadrunner, who gave them some money to make a better copy (although some might argue that they ended up keeping the demo tape). Sepultura's Andreas Kisser and Igor Cavalera lent a hand, as well as Fear Factory's Dino Cazares. Soon, Point Blank was rocking away in all good record stores. Nailbomb went on to play two gigs, and their second and last performance was recorded and is available on the CD Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide, along with two new tracks. Nailbomb has sinced disbanded, and so we are left with two albums of arse kicking tunes and the vain hope they may some day reform. The music is fuelled by anger, but can help relieve your pent up emotions, especially when pissed of at the world. Buy either CD, and play LOUDLY!

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