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Classic TV Programmes

My favorite shows in the whole world


[IMAGE]Where have the Teletubbies gone? The BBC got it's lawyers to close all Teletubbies sites. Grrr... Note to BBC laywers, this periscope was rendered in Cinema 4D by me, is not infringing anybodies copyrights, and not corrupting any little children, so YOU CAN'T SUE ME! HA HA HA HA HA!

More none-infringing pictures. Bad day for the laywers, eh? Still, good to see our licence fees are paying corporate big-boys to bully little children. Eh?

Let me explain. The Teletubbies came onto BBC TV in Britain about 3 months ago. It is the BBC's prime under 5's programme, going out daily mid-morning. But, (to the BBC at least) disaster! Everybody liked it. 10 year olds. 15 year olds. Students. Parents. Grand parents. It is discused in magazines as diverse as Loaded, the Radio Times, Kerrang!, and numerous others. It built up an enourmous fan base; nearly all of Britains 56 million population. A few moralistic (and exceedingly stupid) people said that it encouraged toddlers to speak badly. Teletubbies say "eh-oh!" instead of "hello!". But these moralistic remedials were beaten down with the obvious argument that parents teach children to speak, not the TV.

Every thing was going swimmingly, but Shock horror, the fan base started to show it's apreciation for the show. This, you would have thought, would be good for the BBC; yet higher viewing figures. But no, the web sites set up, sometimes by 7 year olds, helped by daddy, were sent thratening e-mails by the BBC's legal department, which basically said you are ripping off images and sounds from the BBC and Ragdoll (the actual programme makers) and shall be sued if you don't stop it. We believe you are, or may, be perverting the whole idea of teletubbies by involving and aiming your site at adults, so close down or else.

But the BBC have never done this before. There are countless sights devoted to Red Dwarf, Dr. Who, Byker Grove, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and many other BBC programmes, all using coprighted material. But the BBC closed all the Teletubbies sites because it is a lucrative market at the moment, with cuddly toys, posters, videos etc. of the Teletubbies selling at extortionate prices, and all the profits going to the BBC and Ragdoll.

The other thing is we in the UK have to pay 90 a year in "TV licenese fees", all of which goes to the BBC. Or else we get arrested! This is becasue the BBC have no adverts, and this procedure harks back to the 1920's when the BBC was helped along by the government, and wireless licenses had to be owned. This would be ok if the BBC was markedly better than any other pay-to-view satallite/cable company, but it isn't. It has few sporting events, the films are all at least 2 years old. And instead of investing this money from fees into making/buying good programmes, it spends it on some hot shot lawyer to scare and bully a seven year old into closing down a web site that was started in the first place to show her appreciation and love for a programme the BBC makes in the first place.

I think this is dispicable, and I hope you do to. If you do, please e-mail your views and protests:

Bully Boy Corporation

Ren and Stimpy

"Anarchic comedy duo", if you believe all that's in the Radio Times. If you're normal, you will know that Ren and Stimpy is the best cartoon, programme, and thing, on Earth. It contains everything that moral do gooders, pathetic poncey parents, and the smaller minded "educators" of young children hate: violence, bad(ish) language, bodily functions, totaly disregard for people and possesions. In short, it's great! Ren is a chiwawa (is that spelt right? Oh well...), and Stimpy is a cat. They live together in a strange 50's parallel universe. Some times they are friends, sometimes flat mates, sometimes animals, and some times they are in the 50's husband and wife role. It is definitely strange, but it is classically funny. I urge you to watch it.

British viewers will find it intermitantly on BBC2, on Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays, and sometimes Thursdays. It is on Nickleodeon about 4 times a day. It is probably on a lot in the USA. I don't know about anywhere else, but I should try to find it, or a video, or something. You won't regret it. More info, pictures, sounds, the whole caboodle: Erez Kreda's Page

The Simpsons

Funny. But every body knows all ready. Watch it. But you probably do. If you don't, do. It's back on BBC in the autumn. It's on in America all the time. I think I should move...

The official Simsons pages are crap, so if you've got a good one, tell me and I'll do you a link. What an honour, eh?

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