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My Cool Page of Downloadable Games!

All are Free!

Squint at this picture, and you can see a 3D pic of the Eiffle Tower. Honestly.

Because I am too much of a gypo to buy web-space, all these files are on my free web accounts. Therefore, they have to be small. So you aren't going to get Duke 3D and Quake here. However, you will get large amounts of fun for the time it takes to download all these cool games. Some may be old. So what? If I enjoy them a lot, they're here, so you should love them too. I picked these games to give to you because they are FUN, not because of flashy graphics or involving plot or any other inconsequential bullshit.

Game Name Zipped Size Special Notes
Doom `95 4.25 MB This is shareware, but if you have any other doom, copy the .wad into Doom 95 dir to be able to play that aswell.
Dynablaster 375K Run the Runme.bat and hit esc on weird colours screen, then enter on dos text message.
Golden Axe 587K Run in DOS mode. Run before Gold.exe
Quarantine 5.88 MB Joystick screws up, whatever options say. Play with keys.
Sim City 2000 2.34 MB Don't put it on hard. It's too hard!
Wolf 3D 1.13 MB Set all mem options on it's win95 icon to 1024K at least.
Suggestions? Mail me (see bottom of page). More games coming if I can be arsed.

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