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Mattiman's Cool Computer Games Page!

My Thoughts On Some Games Games! In No Particular Order!

Duke Nukem 3D: PC

The last Boss!

The best game in the world, ever! On the PC, anyway. THIS GAME IS FAR BETTER THAN QUAKE! In death matches it is better, in network games it is better, in single player it is better. The graphics aren't as advanced, but look brighter, more colourful, faster and better. The weapons are better, the controls are better, you can get a jet pack... You get the idea. I love this game, I have completed this game, I will kick anybodys arse at this games. Play me on Wireplay: Wireplay Site for client Software, my name is Mattiman.

Quake: PC

While this game isn't bollocks, it isn't anything special. True 3D graphics, yes, but there is no vast improvement, the colours are all brown and poo coloured, and it has to run in a wank resoloution on my PC. 350x400 is about the best it can manage playably. Duke can do 800x600. The levels on Qukae are boring, the badies are just too hard, the weapons took zero imagination, and, well, it just isn't as good as everybody makes out. Send me hate-mail on this subject if you want.

Cannon Fodder: Amiga

The Amiga was the best platform for this classic, but immensly hard game. Snes had no blood. PC had crap graphics. (Yes it did), Atari ST...well... This game was cool. It had blood, gore, brains and brawn. And a funky theme song. And stuff. Try and get it, it's ace, even now.

Dynablaster: Various

Available on MY downloads page. If the page isn't there, it will be soon. The game offers up to 4 player (on the PC (if it's got 2 joysticks(which most don't))) or 5 player bombing mayhem. It's cool. The graphics are ok, but that doesn't matter. The gameplay's ACE. Go get it, curtesy of MATTIMAN! My Cool Downloads Page!

Command and Conquer: Red Alert

Now this game is bollocks. How to win: build up huge army, drag over box, click on baddies. How to lose: try to do something remotly interesting or good. This game is stupid and tedious. And dumb. A man walks up to a tank and starts shooting it. The tank shoots back. It takes up to 6 direct hits from explosive shells to kill a man with a rifle, who has reduced the tank's health by half. And if a jeep attacks a tank, it won't, (say) drive around it so that the tank can't bring it's morepowerful gun to bear, nooooo, it sits infront of the gun, and slugs it out. Until it dies. Dull, boring, crap, stupid, unfair and pointless.

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