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Mattiman's Cool Game Boy Page!

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Nintendo Gameboy

This classic little console is relatively easy to emulate, as it only has 4 colours and 3 sound channels. However, it has had some classic games released for it, like the mario/wario games, which are unique to Gameboy. Quite why people chose to emulate the Gameboy I don't know, as the whole point of a Gameboy is that it is portable, and a PC isn't. However, the emulations that have been done are very throrough. Actually, I just lied. Gameboy emulators are great "try before you buy" testers for games you intend to buy for a real Gameboy. Well, it works for me. I haven't found a good Gameboy-specific emu page, but try Gameboy 97 to get the latest version of Gameboy 97, the best PC Gameboy emulator. As for ROMs, errmm, I haven't found any good sites since IHOR closed. You could try looking around in the Emulator Ring

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