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Cool Links

Visit them, for they are good.


The Four Cyclists of the Apocalypse bid you welcome to this page.

These sites I deem to be good. They may interest you, they may not. This is just a place to tell you where to find cool stuff.

AP2. Amiga Power Lives! Amiga Power was, and still is in death, the best magazine EVER. They had LOTS of uses of CAPITAL LETTERS. They ABHORED GRAMATICAL INACCURACIES. They WERE ACE. AP2 is not about Amigas, there are other sites for that. AP2 is, however, written in the inimitable style of Amiga Power, about a range of things. This site is brilliant. It is looked after by the (contender for the prize of -JD, -MB, -CW) best ever editor of Amiga Power: Stuart Campbell. VISIT THIS SITE NOW, by way of the INFORMATIONSUPERTECHNOAUTOBAHNCANALWAYSITESYSTEM.

The Dump is a great emulation resource, with both emulators and a large number of ROM images for PC Engine and Megadrive. Play all your old games again!

The Source! Much the same thing, but has emulators and ROMs for NES, SNES and Megadrive.

Worlds Top 50 Warez Sites A site with reviews of the best warez sites on the web. "Warez" is the term for illegal software, which is available to download from many of the sites listed on this page. However, downloading these games is ILLEGAL, so if you do it you run the risk of hte consequences. Not that you'll get caught, but bear it in mind...

Tripod My web host! Provide you (and me) with 2mb of space, so you can write loads of driveling crap no one will read, just like me! But seriously, all you need to do is fill in a form, and you've got your space. Faster than Geocities, concise page names (none of this /TimesSquare/NewYork/Waht/Where/Bollocks/1873-958.html stuff). More space than angelfire, logical, simple upload process... Tripod is, basically, ace!

Emulator Ring A long list of emulation pages, some very good, some as bad as mine.

Fakemail A cool server which allows you to send mail as normal, but allows you to fill in all the "from" sections as anything you want! Great fun for practical jokes, but this site is off-line quite often, as some idiots abuse it, sending threatening mail, and then other people complain. If it's up, though, it's ace fun.

Ren and Stimpy Page A Geocities (hoik, spit) page, so expect horrible down load times, but this page has loads of cool pictures, sounds etc. from the best cartoon in the world, and one of the few good things to come from America: REN AND STIMPY!

The Ultimate Scripts Archive Another Geocitiess site, containing scripts from many varied films and TV programmes. I have found it very useful for digging up stuff for Drama lessons at school. Inaccuracies are rife, though, as many scripts are no more than transcripts by devout fans of various films and TV progs.

Belvine Fake ID British Fake ID company. Can provide "novelty", i.e. fake, cards like E.U. driving license, Security Guard, Freelance Journalist ID, Proof of Age, California State ID, Medical Qualification Card (!), and many others. Could be useful, I haven't tried them yet. Cards from around a fiver.

Port80 Go to the site, find the relavent page (I can't remember, it might be contacts, or information, or something), fill in the form, and get a free stick of rock, posted to your door. Totally free. No catch. Yummy rock.

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