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My Cool Noises Page!

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Wave Files

All these are in .wav format. They're pretty big, but have cool sound quality, and you can use them to make Windows make silly noises!

Butt.wav beavis and Buthead make their usual intelligent comments.

Nobun.wav Cornholio says some stuff.

Doh.wav Homer Simpson. useful for windows.

Happy.wav Stimpy says "Happy happy happy, joy joy joy!".

Idiot.wav Ren insults Stimpy.

Joy.wav Stimpy is happy!

Log.wav Log advert from Ren and Stimpy.

Nipples.wav Ren makes a useful comment...

Hate.wav "Hate is reality" from Nailbomb.

Jesus.wav "Confess before Jesus" from Nailbomb.

Real Audio Sounds

Reduced sound quality, BUT! you can stream (play as you download; less/no waiting time), and file sizes are much smaller, so much so that I can fit whole songs into my little space.

Curry.ra Chris McCormack from 3 Colours Red (cool band) has a Curry problem...

Kiss.ra Comment from the end of The Offspring's album Ixnay on the Hombre.

Rs.ra The theme to Ren and Stimpy!

Pulp.ra The famous "Everybody be cool this is a robbery..." quote thingy.

Remoh.ra The last track for the Bloodhound Gang's (cool band) album. Is it Homer? You decide.

Nail.ra About a minute and a half of Nailbomb's best song "Cockroaches". Sound quality isn't too good, and the cymbals are a bit knackered, but you can get the gist of what it's like.

Wlies.ra And finally, a Whole Song! This is White Lies by THE WiLDHEARTS, a B-side from the Anthem single. Again, the sound quality is a little dodgey, but I think it's ace. Download it, and see what you think.


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