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Mattiman's Cool PC Engine Page

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PC Engine

Released by NEC in the mid-to-late 80's (I think. I don't know much about the PCE. Don't quote me on this. It's stuff I remember off other sites. And some of it is pure bull shit, too.), PCE did quite well in Japan, and gained a manic fanatical following in France, where many religious were formed around it. (Note: THIS IS A LIE.) 8 bit, but better than NES and Master System, PCE was the missing link between "true" 8 bits, and true 16 bit consoles. Being almost solely aimed at the Japs, some games were bizarre in the extreme. They were, however, extremely good. Shoot-em-ups, platformers and racers were the type of games available. Mostly good, some complete shite. But all games are worth getting hold of, because the bad ones are so bad, they are funny. And the good ones are brilliant.

The only emulator worth while for the PC is Magic Engine. Written by an idiotic frog who slapped a $35 shareware fee on it. But he can kiss my arse, because I've got the FULL version of v0.9, whch supports CD's, and all sorts of gubbins like that. Thank Omega-One, because he e-mailed it to me.

PC Engine Emulator

Magic Engine Size: 158K

ROMs available from:

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